You are in Transition – Now What?
“They” don’t tell us the inside scoop about our own transition. In fact, every woman’s transition is unique. Even so, there are changes and symptoms we all experience to a certain degree.

I bet you have felt that sense of confusion and isolation.  Sometimes our bodies begin to feel like they belong to someone else, our memory is non-existent and we can focus on the task at hand for about 5 seconds at a time.

How can you not only survive, but actually thrive during this time?  Knowledge and support from others just like you.  If you understand the “why” and the “what”, and connect with other women who are experiencing their own transition, you stop feeling alone, confused and start embracing this amazing time in your life.

That is what we are all about.  Giving you the knowledge, tools and support to move happily and confidentially through this phase of your life.